Files by Google 1.0.389363820 apk indir
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Why not just download Files by Google application? The idea is that you get to pick and choose only the files you want. The beauty of it is that you can do this whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for a specific time of the day or even week. What about if you want to check your e-mails? With this, the process would be rather quick and simple, right?

files by google apk

File by Google, is available for free on the play store without using any third-party tools or software. All you need to do is just download the app and install it. That’s the only problem: already there is an already built-in Android application called Files, which handles all your downloaded files related to e-mail or the like. It is preloaded on all Android phones and its primary use case is just the same like rebranded Files Go program.

files by google apk for pc

You can also opt for Google’s self-installation method. It doesn’t require any space on your phone and you can instantly start using it. Just make sure to set up your device to allow access to “anywhere.” This means that any other apps you have installed will still work in conjunction with this one. However, the process of deleting the junk files is quite easy and it takes only a few seconds.

files by google apk download

For instance, say you are using a YouTube app and you upload a video. It will typically take up a large amount of storage space on your phone. So if you are doing something else on your android phone, you will see a lot of pop ups every time you open the YouTube app, such as showing movie trailers. You won’t really want to open these every time especially when you have important things to share. So instead, it would be better if you could just download a movie trailer from Google and keep viewing your videos.

files by google apk download

This brings us to Files by Google, which is another efficient app for managing multiple documents and tasks across multiple devices. If you’re an entrepreneur who deals with tons of projects and document storage, this app will definitely be useful to you. You can organize your documents and tasks into a “safe folder” so that you can access them easily from any device.

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The first thing you will do is, obviously, tap on “manage folders,” then tap “storage,” then tap “downloads.” You will see the option of creating a new folder, removing duplicate files, or deleting all of them. If you want to keep your junk files and duplicate files, you should go ahead and tap “keep all files” option.

Files by Google 1.0.389363820 apk indir
Files by Google 1.0.389363820 apk indir

After that, you should check out the ” Moves,” “Add folders and/or files,” Delete all files app” options. You can use these three options in order to manage your stored files properly. You should never move or delete files in the public Internet area even if you think that they are junk files or duplicate files because you might end up hurting your internal storage. You should also stay away from using the temporary storage space provided by the internal storage because it’s only available to help you run the Google Files by Google app.

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However, if you want to fully maximize the use of the Google Apps app and prevent any potential errors, you should definitely use the built-in safe folder feature. This safe folder feature is located in the lower right corner of your Android device. Tap on it and you will see several options. You can choose to create a new folder, rename a folder, or delete a folder. You should always keep this handy so that you won’t lose any of your files especially if you accidentally deleted a lot of them recently.

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